Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

Live fast, die young ♥

Hello guys :)
I decided to write my blog in english :D
I made this decision because I read yesterday the blog of a cute girl from sweden ...okay I don't read it because she wrote her blog entries in swedish and now I think it would be easier for everybody when I write in english so everybody could read my blog :)
My english is not the best but...yes I will try my best ha ha :D

Soo since a few days I feel rly sick more psychical than physical but I don't know why I think I have to stop listen to sad songs ....although I really really love ' Nur zu Besuch' from Die Toten Hosen ;_;

Yesterday I took some new pics with my grey circle lenses but without my extensions …I would look so much better with grey eyes ;_; ( click click click to see the pictures :D )

and here a close-up and some other pics :)

my lovely Lisa ♥

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