Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

Prom dress & Public viewing ♥

Hey dudes :D
Yesterday I was with Daria in Frankfurt and there we met Alex :D
First we went to Primark I need a Prom dress & Shoes :D
& of course a new Cardigan and a Top :)
Well... I found a wonderful dress, awesome shoes and a nice Cardigan/Top :D
So I'm rly happy :D
So this is my dress :

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It's soo lovely :D
and this are my shoes :D (12 centimeters)

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After shopping we wanted to go to the main-bank but on the way we saw that there was a public viewing area and so we watched the match between Ghana and Australia ..of course I am a fan of Ghana :) So I was happy that the game ended in a tie hah ;)

We are Charlie's Angels....not :D

Usually I'm not a big soccer fan but I really love it to watch the World Cup and cheer for my fav. Team :D I hope Argentina will win the World Cup *-* ( ha ha maybe no one cares...but ) My fav. player's are Lionel Messi, Gabriel Heinze, Walter Samuel, Gonzalo Higuaín & Carlos Téves :)

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atm I'm more active on tumblr so follow me :)

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